GoPrac is an online practice platform

GoPrac is an online practice platform where candidates can improve their interview skills by practicing one-on-one mock interviews offered by industry professionals. This platform simulates a real-time interview experience by providing a video-based interface to a candidate. Candidates can practice mock interviews anytime from anywhere.

Industry professionals from various sectors of industry such as IT, Design, Manufacturing, Automation, and Architecture etc. offer interviews for practice on this platform. They offer multiple levels of interviews - basic level and advanced level. They evaluate and provide feedback on candidate’s interview response on various assessment parameters typically used in recruitment. The professional highlights candidates’ strengths and weaknesses and suggests the recommendation to improve.

GOPrac is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) engine that analyses the candidate’s response based on our proprietary and patent pending algorithm. AI engine also compares a candidate’s response with all other candidates’ responses to benchmark a candidate on various assessment parameters. Based on the interview performance, it recommends you new mock interviews which one should practice to improve your skills.

Our Core Team

core team

Nitin Rakesh Prasad

A well know figure in the field of education. He is the founder of “The GATE Academy” ( 2009). He is an alumni of IISc, Bangalore. He has three International publications. He has worked in the field of hardware design at Tejas Networks (Bangalore) as senior R & D Engineer.

core team

Dr. Chitta Ranjan

He worked as Data Scientist at Pandora Labs USA. His papers has been awarded with Best Paper award at INFORMS, ISERC and POMS. He completed his PhD & Masters in Statistics from Georgia Tech USA and did his B.Tech from IIT Kgp.